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Rope Socket

The rope socket was at the top of the downhole cable tool drill string.  It secured the string of tools to the manila drilling rope.  Several designs of sockets have been in use.  The most recent were made to hold wire line cable and were of the swivel type which helped to prevent kinks. 

The manila drilling rope was wrapped well with double strands (marline) and inserted into a tube (the socket).  It was held there by clamps or rivets, usually three or more of the latter.  The rope socket was holding all the "valuables" of the downhole drilling operation.

A more recent innovation of a manila rope socket was called New Era.  National Supply Co. (1921) instructed that the rope be inserted into the hollow top of the socket and then drawn through a tapered hole in the side and then knotted.  This appears to be a simple and dependable device and was one of several makes of rope sockets.

Rope socket of the mid-1860's to 1870's.   From Eaton, 1866.
The New Era rope socket listed by National Supply Co. in their Catalog No. 30, 1921.

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