Distinguished Service Award

2014 Daniel Leech Meadville, Pennsylvania
Founding Member of Petroleum History Institute
2014 Larry Woodfork Morgantown, West Virginia
Founding Member of Petroleum History Institute, chairman of the awards committee
2012 Maureen Leech Kirtland Hills, Ohio
Treasurer, webmaster and layout editor of Oil-Industry History
2012 Marilyn A. W. Black Cochranton, Pennsylvania
Secertary of the Petroleum History Institute
2011 Jeff A. Spencer Bellville, Texas
Chaired multiple Symposia Frequent Contributor to Oil-Industry History
2005 William R. Brice, Ph.D. Johnstown, Pennsylvania
First President of PHI, Second Editor of Oil-Industry History
2003 Gerald Friedman, Ph.D. Troy, New York
First Editor of Oil-Industry History