Oil-Industry History Volume 1, Number 1, 2000

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Why Another Journal, Gerald M. Friedman

Drake Well Foundation, Samuel T. Pees

Van Der Gracht’s Introduction of European Geological Ideas to the Use in the Early Part of the 20th Century, Frederik R. van Veen

A Historic Review of Petroleum Exploration and Production: Ideas, Concepts, and Technologies, D. L. Zieglar

Tom Slick’s Legacy: Why Cushing, Oklahoma, is Really Important to the Antitrust Cops: For Reasons Going Far Back, It’s a Problem For Merger of BP Amoco and Arco; Echoes from Standard Oil, John R. Wilke and Steve Liesman

Archeology in the Ontario Oil Field, E. L. Kemp

CaƱon County, Colorado: Colorado’s First Commercial Oil Prospect (1860); And the Discovery of the Florence Oil Field (1881), D. H. Kupfer

History of the Oil Industry in India, S.N. Visvanath

Petroleum Geology in the United States, G. M. Friedman and S.A. Poissant