Oil-Industry History
Volume 3, Number 1, 2002

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Treadwell Wharf in the Summerland, California Oil Field: The First Sea Wells in Petroleum Exploration, Alan Grosbard

Documentary, Archaeological, and Radiocarbon Evidence of Protohistoric Petroleum Production in Pennsylvania, J.E. Thomas, D.I Kirner, R. Burky, K. Selsor, R.E. Taylor, And J.R. Southon

Petroleum Mining in NW Pennsylvania, Samuel T. Pees

Exploring for Petroleum in the Flatlands: History of Oil and Gas Exploration in Kansas, Daniel F. Merriam

Abraham Gesner (1797-1864) A Petroleum Pioneer, William R. Brice

Comments on E.W. Shippen\’s Pennsylvania “Oil Days” Manuscript, 1860-1865, Samuel T. Pees

The Oil Business in Pennsylvania, 1860-1865 (As Recalled in Later Years), Evans Wallis Shippen; S.T. Pees, Editor

Evans Wallis Shippen, Early Pennsylvania Oil Producer, Anne W. Stewart